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DataLan Solutions Limited

DataLan Solutions are a specialist voice and data network services company. We have brought together experts in voice and data cabling, electrical installation, fibre optics, network design, telephone and computer systems, to form a company that will deliver excellence with value for money. We are in the position of being able to offer a complete service including:
  • Voice and data network cabling, design, installation and testing,
  • telephone systems installation and maintenance,
  • wireless LAN and WAN,
  • full commercial and domestic electrical installation and maintenance,
  • backup power systems and distribution,
  • computer rooms, including raised floors, internal partitioning, fire suppression, air conditioning,
  • Internet Protocol based physical security systems for rooms or data racks and IP CCTV systems.
  • full design service and mark up of customer drawings,
  • home network systems for data, telephony, TV, satellite, video, CCTV and hi-fi integration.
Operating nationally out of Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, we keep our overheads low and negotiate aggressively when buying in materials, thus we are able to give better value than many of our competitors. Using experienced fully trained installation staff, we install and test to international standards and give an automatic one-year warranty (registered installations may also come with 15 or 20 year warranties). Our business systems are designed around ISO9002: 2000 quality procedures and we intend to achieve accreditation as soon as possible.

We will not send a salesman to see you. Experienced engineers are our customer facing staff who are there to listen to you and turn your ideas and requirements into a cost-effective solution. They are senior specialist engineers in structured cabling systems, digital communications, network design and electrical installation. Each engineer has over 15 years of experience in their discipline and holds appropriate industrial and academic qualifications. They have undertaken projects with many companies, blue chip industrial giants to small businesses.

We would be happy to visit and discuss your requirements.

Tel: 01284 728111   Fax: 01284 728111   Email:
Address: Unit1, Woodside Business Park, Thetford Road, Ingham, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, IP31 1NR

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DataLan Solutions Limited
(Data Cabling | Electrical installation)
Tel: 01284 728111   
Address: Unit1, Woodside Business Park, Thetford Road, Ingham, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, IP31 1NR

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