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dataLAN Network Infrastructures
dataLAN Network Infrastructures.
Professional installers of certified high-speed data and voice
networks to EIA/TIA-568-A5 specifications and higher.

Datalan's goal is to supply the best value and most cost effective solutions for your business Including Cat5, Cat5E, Cat6 and fibre optic cabling.

Your company data relies totally on the network that supports it.
Your network hubs, switches routers, P.C.'s and servers will never perform better than the cabling infrastructure that connects them.

dataLAN are corporate members of the TIA and RW Data Cabling Sciences Network Integrators.
dataLAN have a management and work force structure cultivated throughout twenty five years of involvement in the world of mainframe computing, network engineering, and Information Technology.
dataLAN always pride ourselves on having a Computer IT based approach to our design and implementation of the network infrastructures rather than an electrical installer approach.
ataLAN are aware that 75% of network problems and down time are caused by poorly installed cabling and inferior or mis-matched connectivity.
dataLAN realise that the majority of networkfaults are masked by the hardware, firmware, and software's multiple retry routines and become totally transparent to the user until the network fails.
dataLAN know that 100mhz hubs and switches often operate at 10mhz over badly installed cabling.
dataLAN will health check your network to 100Mhz (Cat5E) or 250Mhz (Cat6) and produce a report using the Wavetek LS8600 network tester.
dataLAN install network components from:- RW Data, Krone, Cannon to ensure standards compliance, electronically balanced network cabling systems and therefore a totally error free system.
dataLAN install networks to the highest standards in both technical certification and from an aesthetic view point.
dataLAN Network Infrastructures cover most of the Southern UK and we have many satisfied customers and reference sites for your peace of mind.
dataLAN would be pleased to discuss all your networking requirements and supply you with a reliable, secure network infrastructure with a fifteen year guarantee.

a network can never be better than the infrastructure that supports it.
Structerd Cabling
Truro, Cornwall, TR5 0PD

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