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Polar Computer Communications Ltd
Polar is a Cisco Premier Partner Certified Network Design and Implementation Consultancy, formed in July 1997 to provide a higher level of customer satisfaction than was available from typical complacent network integrators, network service providers and consultants.

Our skilled engineers and support staff offer your business the ability to make the most of your network services.

Our normal activities consist of designing, implementing and supporting networks on behalf of :
  • Small and Medium sized businesses (SMB)
  • International Enterprises & Organizations
  • Carrier and Service Provider (Telco & ISP) networks
Our Services include:
  • Network Design and Implementation
  • Global WAN, High Performance LAN, Remote Access, Dial-Up Services & Teleworking
  • Support Services
  • On Site Support, Central Support, Planned Maintenance, Network Security
It was important for Polar to bridge the gap between small consultancies, unable to understand complex networks and the need of large clients and large global service integrators that are unable to provide an individual focus on their clients' needs.

Our mandate is twofold:
  • Provide superior remote dial-up service delivery mechanisms, products and services.
  • Integrate enterprise wide network design and support services.
Polar aims to achieve both of the above at a lower cost than our clients could achieve themselves.

Our consultants are our reputation, they have to be better than the rest !

Further details of our services are outlined below:

Network Design and Implementation - Global WAN - Our Design and Implementation Engineers have constructed some of the world's largest and complex voice and data networks. Our client-listing includes some of the largest organizations in the Banking, Information Technology, Manufacturing, PTT, Transport and Government sectors.

Network Design and Implementation - High Performance LAN By creating a high performance LAN environment we have enabled clients to maximize their business opportunities with the use of technologies such as CTI, Intranet and high speed data feeds.

Network Design and Implementation - Dial-Up Services & Teleworking Providing a complete remote access solution is an area of excellence for us.

We have completed many projects that improve users ability to access critical data on the move, or from customer sites. We believe there is nothing more frustrating than a remote access solution that is unreliable. The most important factor in giving external access to your network to your employees is keeping unauthorized access down to the minimum - zero.

Vendor Management and Project Management

By specifying and managing a project at the technical level we can ensure delivery of a third party solution that will increase your efficiency and potential, a typical example of the type of project we undertake is the negotiation of a virtual voice private network infrastructure to allow your staff to have access to all of the features they need at a very favourable cost.

Support Services - On Site Support

By providing our on-site support engineers you never have to worry about holidays or sickness again, if someone is sick, we provide a replacement to be on your site. Our support engineers are highly skilled and we normally rotate them between our client sites to provide an intimate knowledge of all sites and their individual support requirements.

Support Services - Central Support

Installing a leased line or dial-up link into our control centre will permit our support staff to monitor your systems 24 hours a day and in many cases rectify problems before users arrive the next working day.

Support Services - Planned Maintenance

By scheduling maintenance at a time that will not inconvenience users (or providing alternative services) IT equipment can be maintained to minimize unscheduled downtime. Informing users of outage periods and having a mechanism for allowing users to work even during downtime, means that users agree to preventative maintenance more readily.

Support Services - Network Security

Managing anti-virus regimes, managing Internet access and dial-up services reduce risk from outside. Putting in place user account management and access controls reduce risk from inside. The ability to know what systems a user has access to and the ability to immediately revoke access if required is a basic security requirement that few companies implement. Setting up policies, audit trails and legal notification required to prosecute individuals reduce the risk of loss or embarrassment to your company.

Contingency Services

We can offer a solution to back-up your business critical data and provide a site to work from in the event of loss of your own premises. We have set up facilities from shared contingency sites to full-blown remote data centres that shadow transactions on-line and are able to take over immediately if required. A major factor is running a disaster recovery exercise and translating the paper theory into real life operations. Only by exercising the facilities can all problems be found. Don't leave it to when you need your contingency plan, to find it's problems and shortfalls.

Audit and Documentation

Many companies face the same problem, support staff are too busy doing 'real' work to complete the documentation. This can actually cost you money. If a key member of staff leaves your organization without documenting their past work, much of that work will have to be re-visited to find out what is in place. We can document your facilities and put in place procedures to help prevent the same situation reoccurring.

Cost Analysis

Most support managers can quantify their costs in terms of hardware, support contracts and human salaries, but how many have the capability to report on the cost to business of unscheduled downtime? Using a simple model we can categorize severity of a problem and analyse the users affected, as a result we can calculate the overall cost of outages and look at timely rectification of ongoing problems from a cost of downtime vs. upgrade perspective.

Leasing Equipment

It may be beneficial for you to not even own your own network. With the ability to provide leasing services we can offer you a daily, monthly or head-count cost that is a service delivery cost rather than an asset ownership cost - with all the associated administration overhead that goes with owning your own assets. Why pay for your network up front, before you have had an opportunity to generate revenue using it ?


Where your staff need to be trained on a particular aspect of communications we can provide a bespoke course, either at your site or at a local training facility. For more general skill improvements we have a number of courses based on off-the-shelf packages, however we can integrate a basic course with a specialist feature if required. We specialize in providing training to the difficult to train, featuring weekend, evening and holiday period training courses. Many courses are hands-on allowing user confidence to grow as fast as possible.
Henley on Thames, Oxfordshire, RG9 2AU

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